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Regulations of “Willa Poniatowskiego”


Dear Guests,


It is a great pleasure to welcome you to Willa Poniatowskiego.


Along with ensuring the highest possible standards of luxury, we will take care of every single detail, so that you can enjoy your free time and commune with nature.


In order to ensure our guests stay is as comfortable as possible, we would like to inform you that smoking is forbidden on all our premises, especially in the rooms,kitchen and on halls. Failure to observe this regulation will result in a charge of 500.00 PLN to cover the cost of neutralizing the odour.

The management of Willa Poniatowskiego would appreciate your cooperation regarding compliance with these terms and conditions to ensure all our guests have a safe and peaceful stay.


A Guest should have a valid ID card or passport to rent the room.

The room is rented for nights.

Pets are not accepted in premises.



A guest can rent a room from 2 p.m to 11.00 a.m. If a guest renting a room did not state the length of his/her stay at the time of  booking, it is assumed that the room is rented for one day.
Staying in a given room after 11:00 a.m.  is synonymous to prolonging the stay. If a guest leaves a room between 12:00 and 6:00 p.m., a half- day charge is incurred.

A request to prolong the stay beyond the period agreed on entering the hotel should be given to reception by 10:00 a.m. on the last day of renting the room. The hotel will accept the request whenever possible if possible. If a guest has not left a room by the end of the rental period and has not informed reception about his/her intention to check-out at a later date, the hotel staff might pack the guest’s things  in a supervised manner and put them in a safe place.

A guest cannot hand a room over to other people, even within a rental period, which has previously been paid for. Individuals unregistered in the hotel may stay in a hotel room from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. of the same day. The management can refuse to let in a guest who has breached any of these terms and conditions during a previous stay, e.g. damaged Willa’s property, harmed other guests, the personnel or people on the premises, or in any other way disturbed the other guest’s peace or the premises’ operation.




The Willa  provides services in accordance with its classification and standard. In case of any reservations concerning the quality of service, guests are asked to report them to the reception as soon as possible which will enable the hotel staff to undertake immediate action.

The Willa is obliged to: provide full and unreserved leisure for all guests, ensure safety during their stay (including guest date confidentiality), provide professional and polite service from all hotel employees, perform cleaning, maintenance and repairs in guest’s rooms while they are empty (although these may be done during guest’s presence if such a request is made). Should there be any faults that cannot be rectified, the premises will make every effort to provide an alternative room or in any other way eliminate the inconvenience, whenever possible.




The premises, at a guest’s request, provides the following free services: giving information associated with their stay and travel, storing luggage. The premises might refuse to store luggage at dates, which differ from a guest’s rental period and possessions other than personal baggage.

Storage of valuables during a guest’s stay is performed on his/her clear request with the use  of a safe deposit box located in the reception.




Complaints concerning some technical damages could be reported within 3 hours since accomodation.  Damages which will not be reported or made during a guest’s stay will be charged according to their real value and a guest will be charged with the expenses.

The Willa is liable for loss of or damage to things carried into its premises by persons using its services within the scope determined by Article 846-852 of the Civil Code. Such a loss should be reported to the reception within 3 hours of the occurrence. The Willa will not consider losses disclosed later than 3 hours after the occurrence.

The premises has no liability for loss of or damage to possessions left in its public places.




The Willa has no liability for loss of or damage to cars or any other vehicle belonging to guests.

The Willa has no liability arising from loss of damage to banknotes, securities, valuables or any other valuable things or items or things of scientific or artistic value if they are not deposited in the reception. The Willa is not liable for any injury to underage persons supervised by minders in accordance with Article 427 of the Civil Code.

Guests of the premises take full material responsibility for all damage  to our destruction of the Willa’s equipment and technical devices if it is his or her fault or by his/her visitors. In case of any breach of the provisions of these terms and conditions, a person is then immediately obliged to comply with the payment for all damages.

The parking is unguarded (monitored) and it is free for our guests. We do not take responsibility for cars and valuable things left inside.




The premises curfew lasts from 10:00 p.m. To 7:00 a.m. of the following day. Behaviour of the guests and persons using the premises’ services should not disturb the other guests. The hotel might refuse to provide further services to a person violating this rule.



Every time a guest leaves a room, he/she should check that the door and window is locked, turn off a TV and taps, switch off light and check if the door is locked.

The reception gives out a key from a room on the production of a registration card. Guests of the premises take full material responsibility for all damage  to our destruction of the Willa’s equipment and technical devices if it is his or her fault, or if it is caused by underage persons supervised by minders in accordance with Article 427 of the Civil Code or by his/her visitors.

In case of any breach of the provisions of these terms and conditions, the Willa might refuse to provide services for a person is then immediately obliged to comply with its demands, especially with the payment for all damages and injuries, as well as leaving the premises.

Using immersion heaters, electric irons and similar devices not belonging to the Willa’s room’s fittings is forbidden on account of fire safety.

In case of forthcoming storm the personnel could enter the room if it is empty to close windows in order to secure all items in a room.

A guest is to pay 100 PLN in case a key ring is missing.




Personal belongings left in a room by a departing guest will be sent back to the address given by the guest and on his expense. In case of no such order, the Willa will store these items for 3 months after check out and then it will hand them over for charity or public use.




A guest hereby agree for processing personal data for the purpose of checking-in in the premises and including my personal data in database of Willa Poniatowskiego in accordance with the regulation for the protection of personal data passed on regulations at 29.08.1997. A guest has a right to monitor and change his/hers personal data. The collection of data was registered in GIODO at no. WWW 49100816.



  1. A guest could use the common place of the kitchen.
  2. A guest could cook and prepare food only in the kitchen.
  3. Guests who prepare or eat can be in the kitchen.
  4. A guest could use appliances, which are in the kitches such as: a fridge, a cooker, an oven, an electric kettle, a microwave, a toaster and other things: glasses, cups, plates, cutlers etc.
  5. Everyone is obliged to take care of the equipment s/he uses.
  6. People who use the kitchen is obliged to clean it after cooking and preparing food and take all personal belongings.
  7. Cutlery and dishes ought to be washed and dried.
  8. Food should be put in the fridge or taken by the guest.
  9. The fridge is used only for food storage.
  10. A guest’s personal food should be signed and stored in the box or bag.
  11. Out of date food should not be left in the fridge.
  12. Out of date food should be removed from the fridge.
  13. While using a cooker remember to use only appropriate pans – do not use glass or plastic equipment.
  14. The use of an oven is possible only with permission of the owner.
  15. The electric kettle is used just for heating water.
  16. You can use the tap water to fill the electric kettle.
  17. Remember to choose right power and time to heated food in a microwave.
  18. Do not put plastic boxes or metal things into a microwave.
  19. The personnel is nor responsible for any personal belongings or food which is not signed and left in the kitchen.



Terms and conditions of Willa Poniatowskiego are on our website, it is accepted while signing a reservation and it is available in every room.



By signing the regulations and making a reservations, a guest is accepting all terms and conditions.

Willa Poniatowskiego

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tel. +48 22 299 04 01 , 790 525 525



The owner of the premises is:


Warszawskie Centrum Obsługi Biznesu Sp. z o. o.

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